Maintenance Training

On-site Maintenance Training

Avoid downtime and ensure optimal performance of your conveyor systems with preventative maintenance training from the Dorner staff. Our maintenance training services will give your staff the skills to properly upkeep your conveyor equipment, maximizing uptime and productivity, which increases your ROI over the life of your systems.

Tailored to your equipment and taking place on-site at your facilities, we take a hands-on, reliability-centered approach to conveyor maintenance. Preventative care will help you get the most from your industrial equipment. With Dorner, you get complete support from parts to installation to maintenance.

Customized Maintenance Training Programs

Training sessions can be done in groups or one-on-one at your product facility or factory. An experienced Dorner technician will take your employees through a comprehensive program that includes safety training, parts changing, mechanical troubleshooting, and preventive maintenance tips.

Literature and videos are available from Dorner as resources to help your team throughout the life of your conveyor system. With our 10 year warranty, expert engineering staff, and cutting-edge product development, Dorner is leading the way in precision conveying equipment, and our training programs are no exception.

For your convenience, Dorner also has a 24/7 service hotline you can call at 1-888-417-3515 for emergency service.

Conveyor Maintenance

From showing you how to choose the right grease, to specialized belt training and common issues that can come up with conveyor equipment, our staff can teach it all. With Dorner you’ll also learn some of the common issues that can arise from improper maintenance and what to do should something affect your equipment.

For example, if there is irregular wearing on the bottom of the belt, it may be due to improper loading of the belt. Or if the fasteners are pulling out of your belt, it could be from the tension being too high, improper starting, or even mildew.

Maintaining Conveyor Parts

The major parts of most conveyor systems include the belt, idlers and pulleys, and chutes and hoppers. That means maintenance for a lot of small and moving parts!

We’ll arm your maintenance staff with the knowledge they need to clean, maintain, or replace parts. Maintenance training will increase your efficiency and productiveness, which means your packaging or assembly line is up and running as much as possible.

For more information on Dorner’s maintenance services, please call 1-800-351-8712. For emergency service, call our hotline at 1-888-417-3515 twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week.